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Direct Primary Care is a new approach to healthcare that delivers unlimited office visits, direct access to your doctor, and comprehensive care through a flat-monthly membership. But how is it different from the traditional primary care you already know?




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Traditional Medicine


Proactive Care: The DPC model goes back to the days of the trusted family doctor. Schisler Family Medicine is with you through every phase of life to proactively plan for your care and well-being instead of just caring for you when you catch a cold.

Unlimited Visits: DPC memberships include unlimited visits to ensure you get the care and attention you deserve.  Office visits are also longer, so that means more time with your doctor.

Direct Paid: DPC cuts out the insurance middleman. When you pay your doctor directly, they can pass along savings to you and deliver the care you need without insurance approval.

Transparent Pricing: The DPC model offers a flat, predictable monthly rate that is convenient and affordable.

Direct Doctor Line: With the DPC model, you get a direct line to your doctor, allowing you to ask questions about your health whenever you need to.

Reactionary Care: With a traditional model, you probably only visit the doctor when you’re sick. This reactionary approach works to get you better, but it ignores your overall health journey.

Limited Scheduling: Under the traditional model, doctors take on more patients, which means less time for you to schedule an appointment that works for your schedule.

Insurance Paid: Paying through insurance adds another cumbersome step to the healthcare process, often leading to higher costs and delays in approving care procedures.

Confusing Billing: Insurance billing is often complicated and can include high deductibles, expensive copays, and even surprise bills for items you thought were covered.

Office Line: Traditional offices have a line that leads to reception. If your doctor is busy, you may not get a call back for days.  Often, staff members are returning your calls, not the doctor directly.

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