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Have questions about this new approach to healthcare? Get the answers!



Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a new approach to healthcare that offers unlimited office visits through a monthly membership rather than insurance. This model provides patients with more personalized care and savings by eliminating complicated insurance billing.

  • Is a DPC membership a substitute for traditional insurance?
    While DPC memberships provide a suitable primary care solution for uninsured individuals, it is not an insurance plan. The office encourages all patients to carry basic health insurance to cover life’s surprise surgeries, hospitalizations, and ER visits.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    No. The office does not accept insurance. Instead, the practice covers a range of care within a flat monthly membership. This means no copays, no deductibles, and no surprise bills for patients.
  • What if I already have good insurance?
    That’s great! A DPC membership may offer a good supplement to your existing insurance plan. Membership rates are lower than many single-visit copays and provide you with unlimited office visits, a direct line to your doctor for questions, and discounts on prescriptions.
  • What if I was already an established patient under the traditional model?
    Thank you for being a valued patient all these years. Unfortunately, the office will not be honoring traditional insurance payments for existing patients as it transitions to the new model. We’d like to invite you to enroll in a new monthly membership to continue providing you with even better care.
  • How do I enroll as a new patient?
    Signing up for a new patient membership is easy! Simply contact the office or click the link to complete a contact form. Someone will connect with you in just a few business days to schedule an in-person or over-the-phone meet and greet.
  • Do you offer care for the whole family?
    Yes. The doctor provides care for patients through every phase of life. Sign up and start your wellness journey to better, personalized care.
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